X-Effects® LED Projector

Dynamic Lighting Effects

Bright, Vibrant Lighting Effects

Using a maximum 65 watts of power, the X-Effects LED Projector features an impressive output and is capable of projecting up to 33-ft (10m). 

Designed For Use Indoors Or Outdoors

The X-Effects LED Projector is IP65-rated for indoor or outdoor use, offering the versatility to create dynamic lighting effects anywhere they are required.

Four Available Lens Options

Whether you need to shine your effect on a building across the street or on a wall five feet away, the X-Effects LED Projector has the proper lens to meet every projection need.

Customizable Effects Engines

The X-Effects LED Projector can achieve a variety of different lighting effects by changing gobos or adding color into either the Static Gobo/Filter position or into the two rotating Dynamic Effects Glass positions.

Quiet Operation

Lighting effects should be seen, not heard. The X-Effects LED Projector is passively cooled enabling it to operate without noisy fans.

Manual & DMX Controls - RDM Compatible

The X-Effects LED Projector features on-board controls of the fixture’s output, as well as the speed and direction of both Effects Glass Gobos. The fixture can also be controlled via DMX and is RDM compatible.