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DMG DASH Octa Kit Data Sheet

Case Study: How To Create Custom Skin Tone Lighting With The myMIX® App & DMG Lights

Rosco Image Spot® HO Data Sheet

Image Spot® HO Photometrics Data Sheet

Rosco X-Effects® Production Rental Kit

Case Study: Precise Projection Design Illuminates Montreal’s New Art Installation

Case Study: Five Backdrop Techniques From The Filmmakers Behind Station Eleven

Rosco Diffusion Comparison

e-colour+ 2 inch Core Edge Marked Rolls Spec Sheet

DMG SWITCH Catalogue


Firmware Upgrade Procedure

Case Study: Shooting With DMG DASH™: Four Lighting Tips From Gaffer Francisco Izaguirre

Case Study: Transforming An Arena Into A Rooftop Basketball Court With Rental Backdrops

Case Study: An Auditorium Design With Shape And Purpose