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Resource Center

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DMG MAXI Data Sheet

DMG SL1 Data Sheet

DMG MINI Data Sheet

Chroma Key Green Flame Retardant Certificate

Miro Cube® 2 ENT DWG Files (Zip)

Miro Cube® 2 ARC DWG Files (Zip)

Natural Muslin Flame Retardant Certificate

Rosco Duètte Spec Sheet

Image Spot® HO Specification Language

Case Study: Subtle Lighting Effects Evoke The Mystery Of Chinese Ritual Bronzes

Chroma Floor Data Sheet - 2M

ChromaDrop & ChromaFly Data Sheet

ChromaGaff Data Sheet

DMG DASH Octa Kit Data Sheet

Case Study: How To Create Custom Skin Tone Lighting With The myMIX® App & DMG Lights