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Resource Center

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Case Study: How Cinematographer Ed Wu Created “Hot Moonlight” For End Of The Road

Case Study: A New Tool For Comparing Diffusion Materials

Case Study: A Dramatic Mosaic Ceiling Created With Rosco Color Filters

Case Study: OPTI-SCULPT Lenses Provide Consistent Lobby Lighting For Immersive Van Gogh

Case Study: Portraits That Celebrate Black Cultural Identity Through Dynamic Lighting And Saturated Color

Case Study: Protecting Artifacts From UV Light

GamTube Installation Instructions

GamTube / SuperTube data sheet

Case Study: The Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Rosco e-colour+

Case Study: Three Ways To Use Our New Rosco E276 Blackout

Case Study: Capturing The Colorful Stories Behind Three Olympic Portraits

Case Study: How To Use MIXBOOK® To Choose Gel Colors For Your Next Photo Shoot

Case Study: Night Of A Million Lights – A Holiday Light Display That Helps Future Wishes Come True

Color Filters IEC Compliance

e-colour+ Wide Width Rolls Spec Sheet