The slim-profile, edge-lit LED source chosen by filmmakers and photographers

Slim Profile

Based on Rosco’s original LitePad LED engine, which is only one 0.3 inches (8mm) thick, LitePad is one of the thinnest light fixtures in the world. Its slim profile and convenient casing design allows LitePad to be mounted in hard-to-light places, and easily transported.

Soft Quality of Light

One of the most important attributes of all Rosco LitePads is the quality of light they produce. LitePad produces a soft, flattering light output – making it the perfect illumination choice for filling in shadows, creating "beauty" light or to mimic a practical light in the shot. LitePad has been hailed as the perfect "get me out of trouble" light because little needs to be done in order to make it produce a beautiful light.

Superior Color Rendering

Manufactured using the latest high CRI emitters, LitePad creates clean, attractive light output. The LED engines inside LitePad Vector drastically minimize the green spike found in other LED fixtures, while also producing more red content – which equals better skin tones and makes them easier to balance with other lights in the shot.

Easy on the Eyes

Unlike many LED sources, LitePad is a bounced LED light - not an array of LEDs pointing directly forward. Performers or technicians can look directly into LitePad without squinting, hurting their eyes or getting a headache.

Rugged Design

All Rosco LitePads are designed with the quick-paced, rough & tumble life on set in mind. The LitePad is durable enough to survive on any set, the Vector has survived numerous torture tests (including getting run over by a car).