Custom LitePad®

A slim-profile, easy-to-install, edge-lit LED panel that creates a soft, even glow

Fully Customizable

Rosco Custom LitePads can be manufactured into virtually any size or shape your project demands. They are also fully customizable in light output and control, including a wide array of customized mounting and cabling options.

Slim Profile

Rosco’s LitePad is one of the thinnest light fixtures in the world – allowing it to mount easily into areas where other, traditional light fixtures cannot. Its lightweight, slim profile allows Custom LitePad to efficiently integrate into virtually any project.

Soft Quality of Light

One of the most important attributes of Rosco LitePad is the soft, glowing light output it produces. LitePad’s unique, indirect light output is due to its edge-lit design. LEDs are inserted into a channel that is machined into the perimeter of a cast acrylic panel. Light amplifying channels etched into the rear surface of the plastic sheet smoothly and evenly distribute light across the entire surface of the LitePad – making it perfectly suited for accent lighting, backlighting or any project where an elegant glow is needed.

A Durable Solution

Whether it’s illuminating the façade of a building, products sitting on a retail store shelf, a bespoke stairway or simple signage – Custom LitePad is assured to light up thanks to its durable design and construction. Each Custom LitePad is UL Listed and IP61 rated (IP67 available upon request) and its ultra-slim, aluminum heat sinks keep the LEDs cool for long-lasting performance.

Complete Light Output Control

Thanks to a wide range of available power supply units and control options, Custom LitePad can be any color or color temperature desired at whatever brightness level the project requires.