Rosco’s world renowned range of color and diffusion filters

Roscolux is widely recognized as the most versatile range of color, correction and diffusion filters for entertainment lighting. Originally introduced in the United States, it is now available all around the globe. Roscolux is comprised of two types of body-colored plastic filters; extruded polycarbonate and deep dyed polyester, both of which provide superior consistency and durability when installed in front of hot theatrical and film/TV fixtures.

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Body-Colored Polycarbonate

The other half of the Roscolux line features Rosco’s distinctive body-colored extrusion process. Manufacturing these filters begins by combining powdered resin and dyes to create a concentrated color “pellet.” This concentrated colorant and additional clear resin are then fed into an extruder where they are blended together under intense pressure and heat. The mixture is then pushed through a die, which forms it into body-colored, 24” (60cm) wide film.

Color Stability

In any color filter, the colorants or dyes eventually migrate away from the hottest area, which causes fading and discoloration. The rate at which the filter fades is a function of the dye employed and the depth of penetration by the dye into the base material. When simply coated on the surface, the pigments can easily sublimate from the base into the air.  Because all of the colorants used to manufacture Roscolux filters are trapped inside the plastic, more extreme conditions are required to cause the dye particles to sublimate out of the film, making them more resistant to fading and color shifts.

Heat Resistance

Rosco’s high-temperature (HT) range of Roscolux color filters feature extremely high softening and melting points – making them an excellent choice for use on hot theatrical or film/TV lights.

The polycarbonate Roscolux filters (aka Supergel) also feature unsurpassed dimensional stability in extreme heat. Most polyester films are stretched into their final shape, which leaves tension memory that can cause the film to distort when heated. Because our polycarbonate filters are extruded into their final shape, they will remain in a relaxed state in hot conditions without puckering. This is advantageous when using color-scrollers, where puckering or distortion could cause the scroll to bind.

Flame Retardance

The Roscolux deep-dyed color filters meet flame retardant rating BS3944 PART 1 1992, while the inherently flame retardant polycarbonate filters have been tested according to the strictest standards in the US and Europe and have additonally obtained M1, B1, C1 and NFPA classifications.

Deep-Dyed Polyester:

Base: Polyester (PET)

Gauge: 1.4-2.5 mil (35-64 um) nominal

Max Width: 48 in (1.2m)

Flame Retardant Rating:BS3944 PART 1 1992

Compliance:       RoHS, REACH, Proposition 65

Temp:               Softening: 257°F (125° C)

                             Melting:  572°F (300° C)

Body-Colored Polycarbonate:

Base: Polycarbonate (with fire retardant additive)

Gauge:3-4 mil (75-100um) nominal

Max Width: 24in (60cm)

Flame Retardant Ratings: M1, B1, C1,BS3944 PART 1 1992,  NFPA 701

Compliance:       RoHS, REACH

Temp:               Softening: 320°F (160° C)

                             Melting:  425°F (220° C)


Inherent Flame Retardance

An additional advantage of manufacturing Rosco’s polycarbonate filters from the raw resin is our ability to modify the chemistry of the plastic.Recognizing the global importance of fire prevention, Rosco includes a fire retardant additive in our resin formulation to create the only inherently flame retardant color filters in the world.

Product Numbers

100 0XXXX 2024

Roscolux 20"x24" Sheets (50cm x 60cm)

100 0XXXX 2425

Roscolux 24" X 25' Rolls (60cm x 7.62m)

100 0XXXX 4825

Roscolux 48" X 25' Rolls (1.2m x 7.62m)

XXXX = Color Number

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