Scenic Resource Gallery

Pete The Cat

Scenic Artist Tim Parati used Rosco Invisible Blue Fluorescent Paint to create large, glowing scenery for a production of “Pete The Cat” at Children’s Theatre of Charlotte.

Architectural Resource Gallery

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

Nick Davidson, a lighting designer at Thinkwell Group, specified hundreds of Rosco Miro Cubes to create accent and special effect lighting throughout many attractions inside Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi.

Scenic Resource Gallery

Glasgow Piano City

Glasgow Piano City decorates donated pianos in vibrant Rosco Scenic Paints and then makes them available for anyone to play at locations throughout the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

Color Resource Gallery


Image 1: colors are R26, R80, R22, R358 and R339. These deeply saturated colors give the power and punch I need, and actors just pop out of the colour when lifted with open white or R51.

Image 2: R11, R57 and R370, R357, and R68: I needed a palliative care clinic that could be quite dramatic and offsetting but also deeply compelling. I looked at a lot of clinics before choosing these.

Image 3 is really simple: just R22 in the background and R64 top lighting for the principals, with a tiny hint of 51 from FOH. I loved the contrast and action!

Colors Used:

Scenic Resource Gallery

Fences and Native Gardens

Scenic Artist Brigitte Bechtel devised an excellent technique for transforming carpet into realistic fake dirt that tours well and installs on stage quickly and easily.

Scenic Resource Gallery

Fresco Exchange Public Art Tour

Muralists at Fresco Exchange discovered the benefits of our Off Broadway Scenic Paints, including their matte finish & vibrant colors, then put them to work painting murals across the U.S.

Architectural Resource Gallery

Live Colour

Visual Artist Liz West used several of our DMG Lumière SL1 MIX LED fixtures to immerse visitors in her large-scale, immersive light art installation – Live Colour.

Architectural Resource Gallery

Westminster Bridge Road Revamp

As a part of the Westminster Bridge Regeneration Project, Michael Grubb Studio specified several Image Spot fixtures with Rosco Custom B&W Glass Gobos to enhance one of the busiest roads in London.

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